Our Founder

In Hindu mythology, Apsara refers to a celestial nymph, a goddess or an angel. This mystical origin of her name is part of the inspiration behind Apsara Oswal’s vision for MYthology.

For her, fashion is a form of art and has an almost spiritual power. She believes that every garment has a story to tell, which can only be told once it is worn. MYthology is thus all about transformation, self-discovery and individual expression.

Though she is a commercial arts graduate, Apsara was naturally attracted to fashion styling, fell in love with the industry and never turned back. For four years, she worked as a fashion stylist for Verve, India’s premier women’s magazine, helping to pioneer a very modern depiction of contemporary Indian fashion, through stylised shoots which were international in approach and individual in execution.

Apsara then pursued a Diploma in Fashion Styling and Image Consultancy from the University of London. She moved to Singapore in 2009 and after studying the local market closely, has decided to introduce her original sense of style to Singapore.

“For me, a luxury brand is not about having an exorbitant price tag,” Apsara explains, “Luxury is about using the highest quality materials. Nowadays it is common to find high fashion at a low cost, but these pieces are usually made with materials of inferior quality. Customers should be able to buy stylish items made from premium materials at a good price.”

Describing the collection at MYthology as timeless, chic and experimental, Apsara’s aim for MYthology is to introduce design talents from across Asia to the Singapore fashion scene. She hopes that MYthology can serve as an avenue for creative designers, including those who may not have the right contacts or financial resources to expand internationally.

Apsara would like to demonstrate to MYthology’s customers that changing their look can lift their mood and improve their confidence. As she aptly puts it, “My job is to help people to discover clothes which best reflect their personality and way of life. I want to enhance the natural style of my customers, not change them. Hopefully MYthology can help reveal a previously hidden element of their inner-most self.”